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In addition to complete Revenue Cycle Management, we provide comprehensive Financial Analytics, Practice Management, and Consulting Services to physicians, healthcare executives, investors & private equity firms

Is Your Practice in Good Financial Health?

Maximize Your Financial Health with Currence Physician Solutions.

We Will Help You

Improve Patient Care

With healthy cashflow, you’ll have more capital to invest in your practice and patient care.

Take Home What You Deserve

You work hard caring for your patients.  Stop leaving money on the table that belongs in your pocket.

Plan Your Future with Confidence

Not only will you sleep better at night, you’ll build a solid financial foundation for your and your family’s future.

Our Services

Revenue Cycle Management

RCM / Billing & Consulting

With over 40 years of experience, we improve your medical billing and collection practices.

Analytics & Monitoring

Monthly analytics show how to fine tune your revenue cycle.

Opportunity Assessment & Support

Determine if your practice is ready for growth through expansion, consolidation, or private equity acquisition.

Why Choose Currence


We have provided comprehensive medical billing and collection services for more than 42 years.

High Client Retention Rate

Most of our clients stay with us until they retire, relocate or are bought out.

Up to Date Knowledge & Expertise

In a dynamic healthcare environment, we optimize your collections by keeping current with the latest industry trends, medical coding practices, and regulations.

Timely Claims Processing & Follow-Up

We process receivables and follow-up rejections and denials on a daily basis.

97% First Pass Claim Rate

Prior to filing the claim, we review all clincial notes for accurate coding and use claim scrubbers to ensure at least a 97% first claim pass rate.

Here to Stay

We’re a financially stable, debt-free, privately held company, which means you can count on us for years to come — most likely for the life of your practice.

     Get to Know Us. Start with a Free Financial Stress Test

Using basic analytics, we take the financial heartbeat of your practice


Net Collection Rate


0-90 Days Insurance A/R


First Pass Rate


Denial Rate

Stress Test Results

With a clear understanding of your practice’s financial performance, you’ll make better decisions and improve outcomes for your patients, staff, and family.

Whatever the results — good, bad, or fair — Currence can help boost your practice to the next level of performance.

 From Our Clients

They’ve been with us since 2007.  Since then our income has gone up, not because we’re seeing more patients, but because they are billing and collecting more effectively. Pediatrician

My practice has joined Currence Physician Solutions since November 2018. I highly recommend their services to ANY private practice because they have streamlined all my medical billing and collection so that it is “worry free” for me. I have embraced private practice more than ever because of their help. Family Practice

I’ve known them for over 20 years, and they consistently deliver a job well done.  If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Radiologist

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