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Descended from several generations of doctors, Vinod Gidwani understands the rewards and challenges of a medical career. Not quite following in his father’s footsteps, he founded Currence Physician Solutions over 40-years ago after finishing his undergraduate studies in microbiology and chemistry and later pursuing an accounting degree. Drawing on his lifelong exposure to medicine and his love for business, he was a pioneer in the early days of outsourced medical billing.  Over the years, Currence has kept pace with changing industry regulations, coding practices, and technology and, as a result, consistently out-collects its competitors. In today’s world, where physicians are increasingly pulled between the often-conflicting demands of running a business and practicing medicine, Currence offers both support and relief. When doctors turn over their billing to Currence, they realize two huge benefits almost immediately:
  • Their collections increase, and
  • They have more time to spend with their patients.  And families.
With more time and money to invest in their practices, most Currence clients realize new (and often unexpected) growth.

Our Services

Revenue Cycle Management

RCM / Billing & Consulting

With over 40 years of experience, Currence Physician Solutions improve your billing and collection practices.

Analytics & Monitoring

Monthly analytics show how to fine tune your revenue management cycle.


Opportunity Assessment & Support

Determine if your practice is ready for growth through expansion, consolidation, or private equity acquisition.

Our Philosophy


Listen First

Every successful relationship begins with communication.  Through active listening, we learn about your business, method of practice, and goals.  With this understanding, we customize business solutions to effectively support current operations and any plans for future growth.

Treat Clients Like Partners

We take the custodial responsiblity for your accounts receivable very seriously.  We view our role as your financial business partner and work diligently to collect every dollar that you’ve earned.

Support Excellent Patient Care

We realize that the demands of running a practice can take time, energy and attention away from patient care.  As your “financial partner” responsible for billing and collections, we hope to free more of your time for your patients and family.

Our Business Partners

Currence Physician Solutions has forged strong relationships with many of the top companies in the industry to bring you the best possible service

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