Financial Analytics & A/R Monitoring

Understanding the Business Side of Your Practice

Only with a deep financial understanding of your practice, can you take the necessary steps to improve its performance

Do You Know the Answers to These Questions?
Financial Analytics Does

Are You Making (Losing) Money?

Get a realistic overview of your practice’s financial performance.

Where Are the Problem Areas in Your Revenue Cycle?

Discover and close the gaps between practice and payment.

How Do You Improve Your Cashflow?

Fine tune your billing and collection process to optimize revenue and payment rate.

Improve profits and patient experience by turning real-time data into action

Health Insurance ClaimsKnow Where Your Money is Coming From

What is your payor mix?  Which are your most profitable CPT codes?  Which insurance companies are the best payors and how long do they take?

Revenue Cycle ManagementRecover Lost Revenue

Uncover and resolve the reasons behind denied or rejected claims.

Year over year performanceCompare Current to Last Year’s Performance

Identify trends and adjust strategies to steer business in the right direction.

Industry Best PracticesCompare Your Practice to Industry Norms

Set realistic performance goals and adapt best industry practices to yours.

Medical TeamMotivate Team Members

Sharing financial data makes everyone a stakeholder.  Togther you fix problems and celebrate successes.

Currence Analytics provides an up-to-date, easy-to-understand snapshot of your practice’s financial health

Financial Analytics Main Dashboard

Accounts Receivable Aging Dashboard

Collections Ratio Dashboard

Clean Claim Summary

Start Improving Outcomes with a Free Financial Stress Test


Net Collection Rate


0-90 Days Insurance A/R


First Pass Rate


Denial Rate

No matter your test results — good, bad, or fair — we can help you boost your practice to the next level of performance

From Our Clients

Money comes in much quicker with Currence as our business and technology partner. Practice Manager

I have been very pleased with the financial analytics dashboards developed by Currence.  Their attention to detail and quality of work has been outstanding, and they have made a significant difference in helping us identify and improve areas of our practice’s financial management. Retina & Macula Specialist

I found them to do things very conscientiously and quickly, never with any hassles.  They showed great follow through. Physiatrist

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